Wednesday, May 21, 2008

It's official!

This week has I've been addressing all the details that follow moving, such as getting my vehicle registered and new plates! I also got a new wireless plan since my previous carrier has no coverage here. A local bank account, new driver's license, you get the idea...
This place is starting to feel like home. So many kind, gracious, interesting people. I've started looking for employment in earnest, I hope to find something soon since funds are rapidly dwindling, moving ain't cheap no matter how you do it! I've managed to work some odd jobs but need that steady flow!
I'm really enjoying small town living. It's funny, I think many things are actually more convenient here than when I was in Cleveland. I can walk just about anywhere, for groceries, bank, library, etc..
I also have managed to get my studio mostly together. Last night I played my Chapman Stick for the first time in quite a while, whew, a bit rusty but it felt good. Time to get back to practicing, gigs await!

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Sam said...

Cool. I personally think anyplace would be nicer than the cesspool that is Cleveland. Your new town looks quaint, and the new house is adorable. We're happy for ya! Love, your niece and your mom