Saturday, November 1, 2008

An Old Fashioned Halloween!

Since moving to Salida, CO from Cleveland , OH my life has changed in many ways. One of those ways manifested tonight, on Halloween. I was not sure if we'd get any trick or treaters but we bought a few bags of treats just to have on hand. Sure enough, there was a steady stream of vampires, pirates, ghosts and ghouls, even the three musketeers! We had just enough candy with a little left over for our private enjoyment : )
It had been years since I did the trick or treat thing, and it just reminded me again of what a wonderful community I'm living in. I love this place!
Sherrie and I spent the evening staying in, having pizza and watching some old scary movies. T'was a great way to spend Halloween.
This week I'm working hard on getting some tracks done for the new CD, more on this soon. I'll also be on the local radio this Friday. I'll be playing some guitars for local luthier Jeff Bamburg as he discusses his craft. Its been a while since I actually played guitar, since getting my Stick my guitars mainly collect dust. Its been nice getting reaquainted with my six stringed friends, I just may keep it up.

Then on Saturday afternoon I'll be playing Chapman Stick at a reception for my darling Sherrie at the Salida Cafe. She does gorgeous linocuts, check them out here.

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