Friday, December 26, 2008

Happy Holidays!

Hi all! Had a wonderful Christmas day, Sherrie and I kept it low-key and stayed in all day yesterday. We cooked a wonderful meal, listened to music, just hung out, twas' nice. This morning we got up early and headed to the hills. As volunteers for the Division of Wildlife we got to feed Rocky Mountain Bighorn Sheep. The weather was a bit funky, we almost got stuck in the snow, but all worked out.

Yum, apple mash and hay! These guys were pretty skiddish at first, but the free food won them over quickly.

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turtlewoman said...

What a magnificent thing to be able to do - not only go out to feed the Bighorn but be surrounded by them as well :-D

Thanks for your answer to my camera question. I'm taking notes to better educate myself for when the time comes to buy a new digital.