Monday, April 20, 2009

Finally, a new post!

Here I am playing my Chapman Stick ...immortalized in wax covered string!

Once again it has been way too long between posts. I've been keeping myself very busy, although I am being forced to slow down these past few days by some nasty little virus that has decided to take up residence in me. In the past several years I've hardly been sick at all, so I guess I'm due. I do find now that when I am not feeling well, if I slow way, way down and I usually recover pretty quickly. Whatever I have now seems pretty persistent, enough so that I've been camping out on the couch reading novels and watching Planet of the Apes movies. I feel like such a slug, even more so since today is Sherrie's Birthday! We celebrated with a little getaway over the weekend, but I wish I had more energy today, I'll have to take her out for dinner when I'm feeling better.

The Big News!
I've been working very hard on getting the new CD done. It is a collection of all original solo instrumental compositions performed on the Chapman Stick. I hoping to have it completed in the next couple of weeks, in time to celebrate my one year anniversary of arriving in Colorado.


turtlewoman said...

YEAH! Every time I read Sherrie's blog I check to see if you've updated - and finally - here it is! :-D

Sometimes being sick means catching up on reading which means that sometimes I almost wish I would get just sick enough to stay home from school but not so sick I don't even want to read. Now I'll be sorry I even had that thought let alone actually wrote it.

I'll have to check out your CD as I had never heard of a Chapman Stick prior to this blog.

Lindy (formerly of Salida and now in AZ - stupid move!)

David T. said...

Lindy, thanks for checking out the blog. Yes, I need to update more often, Sherrie is just a blogging machine, I can't even pretend to keep up with her!
The CD should completed in the next few weeks, then I'll really have something to blog about!