Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Whew! CD News....

I shipped the finished CD off to the duplicators today! It'll still be a couple of weeks before I get the finished product, but it feels good to know it's done on this end. The CD is called Residue and features 14 original compositions performed by yours truly on solo Chapman Stick. Expect more info when I have the actual copies. Keep your eyes on www.tiptonstick.com for info on upcoming gigs and CD news as well.
Part of the reason I was able to finish and get it sent off today is that it is raining out, so no window washing for me today. It's been raining the last several days here, which is actually unusual according to most people I've spoken to. It almost reminds me of Cleveland ; )


turtlewoman said...

I'm waiting patiently for this CD. I had never heard a Chapman Stick -never heard of a Chapman Stick - until Sherrie introduced you in her blog - I visited your website -I listened to the "Sounds" tab and now I am waiting to purchase the CD. :-D

Lindy in AZ

David T. said...

Hi Lindy!
I'm eager to get the CDs, hopefully within the next week. I'll be sure to set one aside for you!