Sunday, May 17, 2009

What a weekend!

Just got back from Trinadad, Colorado.
I was there with Sherrie for the Colorado Art Ranch artposium entitled ... Sex & Sensibility. From the Art Ranch website...
"The Artposium is an event exploring the intersection of writing, art and sexuality. This Artposium is about how sexuality is portrayed in the arts, and how it affects our behaviors, relationships, societies and evolution."
We had a blast. The speakers were all great and I felt like I got some new perspectives on this challenging topic. I particularly enjoyed listening to author Joe Quirk's take on the biological aspects of sex.

Part of the reason we were there was that I was invited to play my Chapman Stick. I played on Saturday evening with Art Ranch treasurer Gavin Mauer, t'was a fun time.
I love these events and everyone I've met through the Colorado Art Ranch, looking forward to seeing what's next with these guys.
Sherrie and I took the long route home and I had a chance to see some more spectacular views of Colorado. I'm really digging this place.
On other fronts, I've been keeping busy working a lot lately. I still have a few finishing touches to put on the CD before it's finally released. So close.... I'm eager to get it out.

I'll be playing solo Chapman Stick this upcoming Friday (May 22nd, 6-8pm). I'll be at the Paquette Gallery at the Steamplant for a reception for artist Jon MacManus.
He has some really great stuff. Stop by if you can : )

And finally.... my fortune cookie from tonight's dinner...
"You have a deep interest in all that is artisitic"
well... duh!

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