Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Recent Gigs...

I've been neglecting this blog for sometime now, I guess between facebook, myspace, youtube and my website I've been asking myself, do I really need a blog? So I think I'll try this.. The blog is going to be primarily a sort of gig diary. 
So to bring things up to speed, so far 2010 has been pretty slow gigwise, I'm hoping to make that change soon. At this point I've got a handful of gigs booked through August,  I really want to play out as often as possible this year. So far this year I've played a few gigs, I did Valentine's Day at Sugah's Cafe in Gunnison, CO. I've played a a couple of house parties and open mics, and a last minute gig with singer-songwriter Chris Nasca at the Salida Cafe when that evening's act had to cancel.

 March 14th I played at the Heart of the Rockies Bridal Show at the Steamplant here in Salida. It was a snowy Sunday afternoon, so my expectations were low. Met lots of nice folks and got some gigs!
I played a bunch of ballads and love songs on solo Chapman Stick. Lou from Celestial Event let me play through his Bose PA-1 system. I love the Bose set-up, great sound, one day I'll have my own : )

 This past Saturday, March 20th it was Steel String Revue at the Salida Cafe. Chris Nasca on guitar and vocals, Brian Pence on drums, and yours truly on Chapman Stick. It was our first real time out as a trio and overall it went really well. It was another cold snowy evening but the house was packed We played a blend of originals, traditional roots, blues, rock, etc. Got some nice feedback, hopefully we'll be doing more gigs soon! These are great guys to play with, always lots of fun.

That's all for now....

(hire me for a gig so I'll more to write about : )


Maria said...

Hi there from cyberspace!

The thing about blogs is, you never know who is looking at them and from where.

My wife and Maria and I were just checking out your blog from our new relocation home in Cuyutlan Mexico. A small beach town on the Pacific ocean about 150 miles south of Puerto Vallarta.

You are a great musician! I've played guitar for many many years and have no clue how you work that Chapman stick so well and so easily..

Just wanted to share, and hope you get those gigs in beautiful Salida...

Bob and Maria Manning

David Tipton said...

Bob and Maria, thanks so much for the nice comments. I was wondering if anybody actually looked at this thing!