Sunday, April 4, 2010

Happy Easter!

This afternoon I played some solo Chapman Stick® at Sugah's Cafe in Gunnison, CO. Sorry no pics :(
Easter Brunch
It turned out to be a nice day, still a bit too cool to play out on the patio so I set up inside. There was already a pretty good turn out when I arrived, so I opted to start as soon as I had set up my amp and effects instead of waiting till noon. This proved to be a good move, since attendance started to dwindle by 2pm. 
This is such a great venue to play, I always have a good time here. The owners Matt and Charlotte and the staff are all just super nice people. There were many familiar faces, and lots of nice compliments from folks... and applause, which, I suppose is better than people throwing things at you! The applause thing always makes me chuckle, in a situation like this, I'm really just providing background music, ambiance, so I really don't expect people to stop eating or interrupt their conversations to applaud after tunes, but still it's nice to be embarrassed in that way.
I've been keeping myself pretty busy lately and had hoped to spend yesterday practicing for this gig, but alas, it was not meant to be. So I was pleased that I could play of the top of my head for 2 and 1/2 hours without having a song list or giving much thought to it. I even played three tunes that will be on the new CD live for the first time!
I have noticed that I am becoming more comfortable and relaxed with performing, I think I played well today. Used to be it would take me 15-20minutes of playing before I felt like loosening up and being comfortable. Today it felt great from the very start, something I hope continues as matter of habit.
Afterwards I hung around long enough to have an awesome lunch, the food at Sugah's is always a treat!

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